W Litter - Cardigans

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21.05.2015 was born our Cardigan`s W litter- 2 blue-merle girls and 2 tricolour brindle markings boys.

Father- Imago`s Moonwalker INT CH, NORD CH, FIN CH, EST CH, NOR CH, LV CH, HelsW`13, FINW`13, LVW`14, TLNW`15. Eyes normal (05.2015). HD-CC, ED-00. Knees-00.

Mother- Margarita Nigra Karma EST JCH, EST CH, LV CH, BALTJW`12.  Eyes normal (05.2015)

All puppies are genetically DM (degenerative myelopathia) clear by parentegare!


All puppies are reserved.

17 of June- tomorrow puppies will be 4 weeks old.

2 of June- 12 days of age, eyes are starting opening.
Girls and boys


23 of May- 2 days old babies